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No webgl build because we're using FMOD.

Turns out breaking all possible human laws may come with a surprise visit from the IRS and Jeremy is about to experience that first hand.


Arcy - Programming, Sound Design, Game Design, 2D Art

Yollie - Programming, 3D Art, Game Design

ClockMaker - Music ( Listen to the Soundtrack ! )

Additional 3D Assets: Kenney

Powered with FMOD Studio by Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsArcy, Yollie, ClockMaker
Tags3D, Boss battle, Fast-Paced, Funny, Short, Singleplayer, Third Person, Third-Person Shooter


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I would vote for Jeremy as president

I wouldn't personally


I like Jeremy's idea of capitalism 


DAMN.....Just amazing

(2 edits) (+1)

First place baybey

Shotgun shell + weapons build is insane


Ive nerfed that one module like 4 times and it's still op damn 


I think it'd be balanced if the shotgun shell made it so that reload speed is based on the number of weapons you have. The only reason it's so OP (at least during my run) was that I had a TON of weapons that had "x% chance to fire blah blah blah" or "fire blah blah blah every x shots" so those were activating a bunch because the shotgun shell effectively makes you fire all your shots almost at once and then you get a reload. 


I have nerfed it to the ground for the post jam update. Prepare to actually have to use strategy muahahahaha 

Your game doesnt seem to work on Linux Mint

If you wanna get in touch Swarkin#0841