Final Shot 1.2.1 update

Thanks to couple of my friends, I fixed the things that were lacking in the 1.2 update, enjoy!

Final shot 1.2.1 patch notes

Minor changes:

- Crouch (and slide) can now be used by pressing either C and CTRL

- Added a new setting to the menu that allows you to choose the rewind button between R, E and F

- You can now change weapons using the scroll wheel

- Drones now explode on death (this is only visual and doesn't affect the gameplay)

- Revolver now pierces enemies

- Drones now spawn a bit less frequently (now they have the same chance as sniper and bomber)

- Pistol enemy has been nerfed slightly, attack cooldown 0.5s -> 0.8s, bullet speed 25 -> 15, bullet spread 0 -> 2

- Drone health has been increased 400 -> 500

Bug fixes:

- Fixed drones getting stuck inside other drones


Final Shot 35 MB
Aug 26, 2020
Final Shot 1.2.1 34 MB
Aug 26, 2020
Final Shot 1.2.1 38 MB
Aug 26, 2020

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