Final shot 1.2 update

Hello gamers! Since the jam ended, I've been working on an update which fixes most of the issues the jam version of the game had. It also adds a bit more content in form of upgrades and one more enemy. I hope you will enjoy it!

Final shot 1.2 patch notes

Major changes:

- Added a sensitivity slider in the settings

- Added weapon inventory and swapping (no more looking for the new gun on the ground!)

- Rebalanced the wave and rewards system, waves don't come automatically after 1 minute now, you get a reward every 2 waves instead of every 2 minutes, enemy per wave calculation has been changed slightly

- Player shooting has been reworked from projectiles to hitscan (except the granade launcher), this caused some weapons to have damage falloff now, since some weapons were too powerful

- Rebalanced every weapon and most enemies in the game, this should lead to lower time to kill overall

- Added 6 new upgrades

Minor changes:

- Crouch (and slide) has been rebound to C

- Rewind has been rebound to R

- Added a new enemy, Drone (spawns after wave 10)

- Added an option to clean up enemy corpses when they're offscreen

- Now, you will always have 3 different rewards to choose from, no more duplicates

- Added bullet holes

- Added particles on enemy hit

- Enemies now emit an ambient sound as long as they are alive

- Pistol enemies will now wait 0.5s after rewind to start shooting

- Added a pooling system for objects that are spawned frequently (bullets, bullet trails, etc), this should increase performance slightly

- Tutorial has been changed slightly to explain some of the mechanics better

Bug fixes:

- Fixed granade launcher model pointing upwards instead of forward

- Fixed melee enemies sometimes pushing player off the map

- Fixed rewind UI timer not accounting rewind cooldown reduction upgrade

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Aug 24, 2020
FinalShot1.2 34 MB
Aug 24, 2020
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Aug 24, 2020

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