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Hello. About a month or so ago, you did send a beta version of the game to reddit for testing. I would like to ask how can I download the full version. The game is so good.

Hey, the game is still in developement :) There's gonna be a steam page up soon, and soon after that the game will be out on Steam, itch (maybe), android and ios. Planning for Q1 release, but nothing's set

Guys, you always do awesome games (discovered at VimJam on septemper), super clean UI, good sfx and satisfying gameplay (even though im not so super at rythm games)

Thank you! I'm a solo developer most of the time btw :P


make full release fast

can i import song into this

Not yet! I'll probably keep working this game and make it into a full release with a level edtior and such, but no promises c:


ok, btw this game is awesome, really enjoying it