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Who are you people, how did you find the game suddenly?


normal devs: Why are my projects not popular ?
Arcy: Why are my projects popular?



Your game got popular because it's amazing. It gives me Dani vibes just to the fact on how it is made, well done my dude.

you just gotta pretty cool game


10/10 super. would be nice also a campaign or something different from arena

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On Ubuntu 20.04, the sound doesn't work. I have tried running pavucontrol and found no output.


its fun but enemies get stuck under the map so I cant play further


good but I can't quit while I playing.


I've just played this game and i already love it!


Dang is this game good. I spent 30 minutes and it was a lot of fun.


jacob is cool


this game is insanely fun! the movement feels fluid, the rewind mechanic is very interesting, the art style is simplistic and beautiful, the guns feel responsive and fun, the enemies are unique, its overall a great game. Great job!


Did an video on it and its a wonderful game super fun to just jump around and plan out rewinds to make sure you dont fail.

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For me, the graphics of the game fits perfectly with these kind of games. the concept of the game is really cool too! I had a lot of fun playing it. but, is there any guns beside the pistol one? because that would be sick! anyway, good game you got here dood.  

p.s game starts at 00:09


Hey you get guaranteed new weapon upgrade every 6 waves but you can get one sooner if you're lucky


Was this made in Unity? Also, I'm curious about how you managed to create this kind of art style :D Would you be able to share your process?

Hey, yes this was made in unity, I explained the art process here :)

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Enjoyed this very much! Felt like a better version of Superhot. I hope you flesh this out more -- really love this concept and style! Very fun! Would like to see more levels, enemy types, and weapons (melee maybe?). 

Only (minor) issues are that the grenade enemies are a bit cheap sometimes -- maybe could use temporary immunity after rewinding. I also thought the guns felt wimpy. Something about how the bullets move didn't jive with me, particularly in the pistol.I think that if weapons had slightly higher damage output,then it could lead to faster paced gameplay and they would feel more rewarding to use. I also haven't the first clue about how to design a game so I could be completely wrong. Not trying to be an armchair developer.

Either way, keep up the good work! Really great stuff here.

Really cool game with a nice concept, but can you please, please give us the an AR or an SMG as showcased in the main menu, or, if you have them allready implemented, can you please give them a bit earlier? Cheers!

Hey, you get the guaranteed weapon upgrade to choose every 6 waves, but if you are lucky you can get them sooner :)

Cool. I think you should tell this to the player in an explicit way so they understand the goal that they are reaching for😃.

Ok nevermind I just got to wave 27 and died instantly. But I got to see the grenade launcher and that was cool


Nice and fun game, a great concept indeed.

I like the game very much, it has a very interesting concept. But i ran into a bug, where the enemy would be stuck inside the wall so that I become unable to kill him. The Link shows a clip of the bug :

Hey, did he spawn in that wall, or did he go there after spawning?

I couldn't realy see it. I just realized it after I killed the other enemys, that he was stuck in the wall.

I can't run it on macOS

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Hey I had one person that had a similar issue, he fixed it by adding execution permissions through the terminal, example command:

chmod +x "[a]/FinalShot Shot"

where [a] is the folder the .app is located in

add sudo before the command if it doesn't run:

sudo chmod +x "[a]/FinalShot Shot"

Another approach if that one doesn't work:

Use the cd command to navigate to the folder the .app is in

Example: cd Downloads

Then use this command:

chmod +x ./FinalShot\\ Shot

Let me know if this helps you, I don't have a MAC so I'm not sure if these commands are even correct

I'd tried that too (often has to be done for games on itch, I think it's a Unity bug), but it then says "Final Shot" was purchased using the App Store on another computer.  To use "Final Shot" on this computer, sign in using the Apple ID and password used to purchase it."  

Can you try redownloading it today? I think I fixed it on my side

found a glitch

the drone enemy sometimes ends up shooting itself, not doing any damage. it's very easy to abuse this using the 4 hp after rewind since you can just wait it out and eventually get full hp


Hey, this glitch sometimes happens because the drones don't collide with themselves, so they just stack inside of each other, this will be fixed soon in patch 1.2.1


Pretty cool game, but it has weird controls.

Hey, thanks for playing, I'm just curious, what controls do you find weird?

They're distant between them. That's weird.

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hey um the ui is breaking after the first time i shoot the pistol most of the ui is just takes the day off. including health text and for fuck sake FIX IT

Hey, what operating system are you using? During the tests on multiple machines I never had that problem, sorry that you have to deal with it, but without much data to go off from, I can't really fix it

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Hi, two things. 1. your game is amazing, and 2. I'm having a similar problem as AceBeanie. The ui text is disappearing after sliding/rewinding. I'm using a Macbook with the Catalina OS. Any Idea as to what could be causing it?

Hey so the camera's FOV changes when you slide and rewind, but also when you start and stop running, does the UI disappear when you start/stop running aswell? If that's the case I can push a little update that adds a option in the menu to disable FOV changes

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The Ui text(specifically the health counter, and the ammo counter), doesn't disappear after running. After a little more testing, it seems that now it only happens when I shoot and the projectile hits an enemy 

Hey so it seems that the damage popup text is somehow fighting for screen space with the UI on the MAC version, I uploaded an updated mac patch with an option to disable damage popups, let me know if it helps :)


Hey, one good thing you could do is giving more details or sending a video of the bug. INSULTING THE DEVELOPERS WON'T SOLVE THE PROBLEM!!!

hey man, managed to get to 25 minutes, quick questions:
- after grenadelauncher (Which tbh it s terrible) is there any other weapon?
- might want to include after 25 mins a new perk like +1hp / 5 kills or something to make it more playable, felt like play CoD Zombies running around and kiting every1 also u can do really nice bunny hops and I'll try tomorrow when I will get to my PC to see how much I can go for.
Really liked the game tbh, good job.

Currently the granade launcher is the last gun, but I'll be updating the game after the Brackeys jam with more content, new perks, balance tweaks and bugfixes. Thanks for the feedback! 

if you won't update the game past the jam version then don't read this

i love the aesthetic, the outline effect, the concept of having to time your movements to your reload 

but it would be so much better if you added an fov slider and a mouse sensitivity slider, without it it's too annoying to aim

also you could choose your own starting dificulty, that way if you're good at the game you dont get bored so easily and you can jump right into the action

the sliding function doesnt really add anything to the game, you could make a wall that you could only slide through to make it feel like you need to use it to escape the enemies

the game crashes too much, i know that it's hard to fix crashes but it's way too much to have an enjoyable experience. it also seems to crash before the 2-3 minute mark

its too hard to get new weapons, at the time of writing this i only got to enjoy the base pistol, i almost got to use the shotgun, but the game crashed

the sounds arent enjoyable, the guns shouldn't sound like you tapped a pen agaisnt glass, it should sound heavy, right now you dont get any enjoyment from firing them

in terms of bugs/glitches i haven't found any, in part because of the short run time caused by crashes

great game, too many crashes, still love it, 6/10


That's the first time I ever heard about crashes in any of my games, I have really no idea what could be causing them. And yes, I will update the game after the jam with all the feedback I've gotten, including yours. Thank you


I rlly loved the game it was awesome

Bug: If you are in any corner of the map and the enemy with the baton hits you you go through the map and fall for ever.

Thank you! Yea I found this bug aswell but it was after the submission period ended

How did you create the outline effect?

I explained it here

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