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i have this bug where after a couple of seconds in i cant see the text. Is this because im on Mac?


I think the movement felt pretty slow at times, I had to always press the Sprint key. Nevertheless, amazing game.


I love this game! the only thing that could make this better is a campaign 


i absolutely love it. there is a glitch where all the writing disappears, but otherwise it is a really perfect game


I got addicted

the art style is awesome

the mecanics are great 

and you can play for almost an hour without even realizin it


I instantly fell in love with the art style

ngl looks like karlson



love this game.

Really good!! I like the colors and as long as I don't have the sensitivity too high I don't get sick which is a 10/10 in my book

this game is very good and fun congratulations

Ícono de validado por la comunidad

This game is SO FUN

I started my first game an hour ago. I'm still playing without having died. This is fun.

Awesome concept. I've come back to the game to review it and give a score update.

After 50 waves and 72 minutes, I've landed on 152,585. It's a great time killer and an awesome grind. You have no reason to not play this game.


this soo fucking cool

great game i personaly would love if there were some achievments the game in itself is fun but as time pasesit lacks a litle bit of purpose

Ive got a score of 222093. Is that good?

you did a silent flex... well done!!!

I got 148184, took awhile.



f*ck you

F you

i know this is old, but i LOVE this game so much

mee too

i love this game but can you update it

Hey sorry but I'm working on other projects now, this game is over 1 year old :)

awww sadly


Great game. I played for 90 minutes straight.


Hey sorry to bother, but I've been kinda wondering recently, what made you enjoy the game the most? I want to compile a list of what was important to this game popularity, I would be really glad if you respond :)


I'm sorry for the late response; It's very rare that I check itchio. I enjoyed the simplicity. It was a bit easy to master the flow of the game, but that's not always an awful thing. Easy to master while still being fun- it makes you feel powerful, I guess. There was something also neat about seeing all the enemies piling up the deeper you got lol. I'm not very good at articulating my thoughts- but I hope this helps in some way, even if it is late.


Thank you for the response! No worries about it being late, it still helps a bunch! :)

i ust realy like the satisfying feel to it like when you get a shotgun and just smah throw the enemies and also the simple color palet and the simple models it just feels so good to play and grind.


nice game

Hey sorry to bother, but I've been kinda wondering recently, what made you enjoy the game the most? I want to compile a list of what was important to this game popularity, I would be really glad if you respond :)

Alright, first off...

Where are the GOTY Awards at!

This game is innovative and plays really smoothly, if you touched up on the generation of the drones (They clump in large piles after about round 25+) added multiplayer support and a story driven campaign. This game would be amazing! So far i found no loopholes or glitches to survive longer than needed. The only thing was the snipers nest map where you could hide in the room in the middle and regen health by rewinding on the inside without the drones touching you (if you had that certain perk). If you want, from game dev to game dev i could collab and help write a story or assist with multiplayer. I have a funny feeling that if you released this on steam it would be a hit...

Game Dev Beenii signing out!

Thank you for the reply and the offer, but I'm not gonna do much more with this game, I just needed some info on what to do to achieve a successful game like this one for my future projects. I guess just that the power fantasy and gameplay smoothness are really important factors in games like these. Thanks again for the reply!

Smooth gameplay is all you need...


i love this so much there def is some things you could add like a perk for regen but i like how its a unqie style i love how it looks very low texture but than it also has a lot of texture at the same time 


This is litteraly just a reskined karlson by dani wtf

No it's not, I won't repeat myself the third time, scroll a bit to see my previous answers to this stupid accusation


bro its not


Played the game, got some suggestions.

-Make a multiplayer version - would be fun to play w/ friends

-Holding down the left mouse button keeps shooting

-Add a bit more health regen

Just my two cents, great game!

The game looks great.

Me encanta :3


Found an interesting bug. At around lvl 20 the drones start merging together due to them all having the same path towards the player, creating a massive drone with a ton of health. I myself got to level 45 and I've gotta say, this game makes me feel like a god lol

I enjoyed every single aspect of this game. Great way to unwind. Thank you for making something so simple yet enjoyable:)

is there anyway to aim down your sights?

When I am playing the words disappear so I don't know what i'm clicking on, is there anyway that I can fix this

Yeah nvm I just can't see the dmg I do now, if I turn that on everything disapears


Great game! Only thing I would say is bad about it is the aiming mechanics. I see that some of my shots go through the enemies and they don't always hit when they should be.

beautiful game 10/10


very good game, needs a health regen feature tho


there's a health regen power up later on in the game


this game is some what better then the other fps games i have played.


Awesome game!


Wow, the game is awesome. I just think that it would be better if you could somehow let the player know that they're out of ammo. I would sometimes just click without realizing that I'm out because there is too much things going on at once. Maybe like a sound cue or something would help. Other than that, great game!

Hey, I'm pretty sure there is a sound cue, it might be a bit too quiet though :P


amazing LOVe IT !!!!

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Very cool mechanics and ideias. It would be interesting to have an online mode with a small improvement in graphics.

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A bit hard....

I Love This Game But I Keep Dying After 6 Rounds

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