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Played the game, got some suggestions.

-Make a multiplayer version - would be fun to play w/ friends

-Holding down the left mouse button keeps shooting

-Add a bit more health regen

Just my two cents, great game!

The game looks great.

Me encanta :3


Found an interesting bug. At around lvl 20 the drones start merging together due to them all having the same path towards the player, creating a massive drone with a ton of health. I myself got to level 45 and I've gotta say, this game makes me feel like a god lol

I enjoyed every single aspect of this game. Great way to unwind. Thank you for making something so simple yet enjoyable:)

is there anyway to aim down your sights?

When I am playing the words disappear so I don't know what i'm clicking on, is there anyway that I can fix this

Yeah nvm I just can't see the dmg I do now, if I turn that on everything disapears


Great game! Only thing I would say is bad about it is the aiming mechanics. I see that some of my shots go through the enemies and they don't always hit when they should be.

beautiful game 10/10


very good game, needs a health regen feature tho


there's a health regen power up later on in the game


this game is some what better then the other fps games i have played.


Awesome game!


Wow, the game is awesome. I just think that it would be better if you could somehow let the player know that they're out of ammo. I would sometimes just click without realizing that I'm out because there is too much things going on at once. Maybe like a sound cue or something would help. Other than that, great game!

Hey, I'm pretty sure there is a sound cue, it might be a bit too quiet though :P


amazing LOVe IT !!!!

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Very cool mechanics and ideias. It would be interesting to have an online mode with a small improvement in graphics.

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A bit hard....

I Love This Game But I Keep Dying After 6 Rounds

yo, I have a problem with interface and video, what I can do with this?

Hey I'm not working on this game anymore, so I can't make a fix for it, sorry. Just wondering what platform and pc specs are you on?

it's kind low, core 2 duo, 4 ddr2 ram, 9800 gt

gonna upgrade my pc in next year cause I want to make one chill game

anyway, thx for feedback ;)

this is poggers

Hello! Creator! I LOVE your game was wondering if you ever thought about adding a platformer mode? If so you can come to me on discord because I would be very interested in helping you out!

My Discord is: LwB#0954


uhhhh, seems a lot like Karlson re-skin lol


it kinda is


I'll just copy paste my previous anwser to this because people are just very inconsiderate:

Lmao some people see a low poly fps and immediately assume it's a Karlson clone. Probably the only thing that was directly inspired from Dani's game is the floating gun without a hand model, but that was done way before Karlson

Please don't accuse other people of reskinning other games if you have no idea how games are made in the first place. Thank you

Deleted 1 year ago

I like this game better than Karlson. They're both epic, but this one takes the cake.


looks fun ngl dl now


hi there





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Hey man I really liked the game, the mechanics are great and the music is very good, keep it up.

A question have you thought about making the game multiplayer?

Gameplay PT-BR


Hey yes I was thinking about multiplayer, maybe I'll consider it in the future :)

im downloading right no



Hey Creator, Just wondering for a good idea to make a story mode game. If you need help, Im here Zack.#5009


yes, that would be very cool!


Hi! I've downloaded for mac, and it looks like it works fine but when I shoot my gun for the first time the entire hud is removed and all text disappears. 

Hey, it's a bug that I couldn't fix nicely, if you disable damage popups in options, it should fix it :)


whould be nice if you can add that sniper


Yess that would be so cool totally aggree

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omg words cannot describe how much i hate drones


Hello, love the game but i would like to know if there is anoteher weapon pas the grenade launcher. THANK YOU! 


Hey, the grenade launcher is the last c:


Thank u, can u make an RPG, lmao


Absolutely not lol, I'm working on something though


may i ask what that is?


It's a top down 3d roguelike space shooter for a school competition c:


Just like the simulations.


Very cool concept but I think the enemy health should be nerfed a bit

bro you one shot the guys with the bats with a pistol to the head

if anything, they need buffed (except for the boss with the spinning pistols)

You can one-shot everyone except the drones and big pistol guys with a revolver 


The buttons lose their wording on mac so it was hard to know the options when the textbubble is just an empty grey box.

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I love this game so much...This reload/rewind thing is very creative in my opinion, i just love it! Thank you Arcy! This game made my day a lot better.  And the music... Ahh. I need the name of it. I want to listen to it all day. <3 


The music is on my soundcloud, thanks for the nice words <3

Hey, your twitter acc is not available? Any way of contacting you? has no DM's so I can't contact you here.

Hey I changed my handle and forgot to edit my profile here, it should be working now, you can also dm me at theqer#3698 on discord

Ah I see, thanks!


Where are the cool weapons? I just got the pistol

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Play more! Every 3 upgrades you have a guaranteed weapon upgrade :)

thank you!

Deleted 1 year ago

lol i think it wont get updates because it was made for a gamejam


Its a wonderful game!


Was a super fun game to play! The reload/ going back to your first position mechanic was pretty cool and also played into some really fun gameplay and strategies.The music was fantastic and blended well into the game as well and the short little times that there is no one to shoot, it re hypes up the player to keep playing. 

The game doesn't get old even if you're playing again or for a long time and the various enemy types keeps things interesting. 

Only thing I would suggest would be that making switching weapons more apparent (I only noticed that it showed the list of weapons you have while editing the video so not too sure if you can actually switch. If it's not a feature, then it's my bad.)

Other than that, it was a fantastic game and really fun to play! Keep up the great work and hope your projects and updates go well too!

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